The Ultimate Loan Collateral Solution: New Trade Finance Capital Report Reveals How SMEs Can Acquire Collateral For Business Funding

Small scale industry just got its wake up call: Trade finance Capital latest collateral solution: small businesses can now be able to access collateral they need for business funding through collateral transfer agreement (CTA) by

Ontario Canada – Leo Rosemond has officially put the small scale industry on notice: Provision of collateral transfer facilities acting as security for loans, credit lines and for other trading purposes is now faster, easier and more affordable to obtain than ever before.

A large number of businesses operating globally are unable to access funding due to lack of collateral. This cannot be separated from the fact that most small businesses do not have the assets or finances required to pledge as security deposit when comes to business funding from the traditional banking system. It’s even more difficult for those trading internationally as they do not only have to deal with banks’ reluctance to finance their plans but also have to be contempt with limited oversea suppliers due to inadequate trade facilities.

In a recent statement by the industry specialist, Mr. Leo Rosemond “collateral transfer is simply the most viable solution to help bridge the funding gap for SMEs in the finance industry”.

As Leo Rosemond added, “Our collateral transfer facilities are very effective. Where most financial institutions insist of secured security deposit for business loans, our collateral transfer facilities provide the means for SMEs to play on a more even ground”.

Collateral transfer facilities enable business owners to access collateral from providers at a fee for a given tenure. The collateral is backed by assets/cash and issued by a financial institution on behalf of an applicant in the form of (a)demand guarantee (the Bank Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit) or (b) Letter of Credit towards the Beneficiary in return for a ‘rental’ or ‘return’ known as the ‘Contract Fee’.  At the end of the term, the beneficiary agrees to extinguish all liabilities against the Guarantee and allow it to lapse (or return it) prior to expiry.

Trade Finance Capital had identified the 3 major factors that hinders the growth of a significant number of businesses to be (a) lack of finance to support their business, (b) limited access to financial instruments to increase trade facility to suppliers and expand bottom line, (c) and general cash flow constrains. These factors are just part of the business growth challenges that collateral transfer facilities can help resolve on demand.

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Leo K Rosemond has over 7years of experience in trade finance. He is the Business Finance Specialist at Trade Finance Capital, Ontario Canada. Throughout the years, he has successfully managed to identify numerous clients finance challenges and executed flawlessly with creative solutions. He maintains a strong relationship with genuine providers of financial facilities in the market to provide better services to his clients.

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