We inspire our clients to greatness

TFC is a leading corporate advisor delivering sustainable business growth tactics focusing mainly on both established and upcoming businesses whose growth is constrained by financial limitations.

At Trade Finance Capital, we offer our clients the opportunity to gain funding solutions to expand their businesses and receive additional financing solutions to keep up with the current fast moving market even though they have exhausted all other options.

We pride ourselves in providing the necessary fiscal support to help our clients in gaining more profitability and sales.

We provide for:

*New start up businesses especially those that wants to engage international finance but does not fulfill the bank funding requirements.

*A business that wants to expand but has exhausted all forms of funding options.

*Organization that does not meet or are unable to provide the necessary standard required by the funding bank.

*Investment Criteria though we are global but we focus mainly from Africa, Europe, USA, South East Asia

*Three years minimum operation

*Experienced Management

*Early to Mid-cap companies

*Within focus sectors

*Viable, Profitable, Sustainable

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