Secure COLLATERAL for Business and Project Finance, WHY RISK YOUR ASSET?

NO UPFRONT PAYMENT! 48 - 144hrs Turnaround Time


Access to Standard Letter of Credit that can be used as a security to obtain credit lines and is ideal for company, which plans to expand its business but does not want to utilize its assets.

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From traditional trade products to bespoke finance solutions we can assist your import/export activity, help maximise your international and domestic trading potential while improving cash flow.

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Access to Letters of Credit that are widely used in commodities trading, when it is necessary to buy the goods from a local supplier or foreign exporter with less fear of default.

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A Large Portion of Businesses Operating Globally Are Unable To Access Funding Due To Lack of COLLATERAL



Trading overseas can be profitable, but it also involves risk. Exporters must ensure they are paid for the goods they provide and importers must receive the goods they have paid for. We can offer a range of Trade Finance solutions to help you manage risks, negotiate credit terms, win business and trade confidently. You can benefit from the expertise of our experienced Trade specialists based in Asia and overseas. We understand the importance of international Trade Finance in both reducing pressure on your cash flow and in enhancing your ability to trade globally. Our products can help achieve both these aims.



i. To Increase Trade Facility With Foreign & Local Suppliers With Less Fear Of Default

ii. Enables you to quickly receive payments for your exports or make payments for your imports

iii. Access To Collateral For Commercial Loans Without Tying Up Assets Or Precious Working Capital

iv.  Offers you the ability to potentially enhance your negotiating position with your trading partner

v. And A Reliable Finance Partner That Can Stand Behind It.

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The parties involved in the issue of our Financial Instruments are the buyer (applicant), who is also the bank’s client, the supplier (beneficiary), the issuing bank, and TFC, of whom the beneficiary is a client.

Our collateral transfer facilities can enable you to access Collateral from providers for a given tenure that is backed by assets/cash. Financial Instruments (BG/SBLC/LC) are issued by first class banks to beneficiaries worldwide. 

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We do not charge “Upfront Fee”, however client must demonstrate the ability to pay the closing cost. We are ONLY interested in financing Companies/Entities with Liquidity or are capable to pay the closing cost. Apply for Bank Guarantee | Standby Letter of Credit | Letters of Credit | Collateralized Funding. 
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New To International Trade?

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Trade Finance Guide | Power Guide to Import Export | Case Study

Comprehensive but easy to understand elementary guides to trade finance, import export business and case studies designed for new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Fill in your details below to send you the copies   

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“Discover How Amir Grew His Business With Our Structured Trade Finance”

Amir is a second generation carpet merchant from Pakistan. He was born and bred in Malaysia by his immigrant parent who came to settle in the country over 30years ago. 

Carpet business has been the anchor of their livelihood and provides a decent income for the family and jobs for other Pakistani immigrants who came to seek greener pastures in Malaysia.

It is fair to say that Amir Senior had toiled very hard over the years to grow his business from a humble beginning, selling off all he had in Pakistan to finance his new Read More

“Loan Application Report: Leased Letter Of Credit As Collateral”


An insider’s look on collateral based loan application and how to secure commercial loan with leased Letter of Credit.

Major financial institutes take a conservative approach when offering commercial loans to businesses. Several factors are taken into consideration for the eligibility of an application, including credit history, income, revenues, company’s equity and balance sheet. Even with an impressive credit score, most financial institutes will not approve loans without collateral.

Collateral is a solid way to prove to the financial institute that the company is a viable borrower. It’s a security in a form of asset… Read More

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Jurisdiction: Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America (Companies operating for 3years and above). Greenhorn package will be made available soon. For more info send us email to
Industries: Commodities, Construction, Energy, Humanitarian, Infrastructure, Hotels, Low-Income Housing, International Projects, Mining, Bio-fuel, Minerals, Energy Related Projects and All Bank Commercial Loans.
Rates: We provide Trade finance, Financial Instruments and Collateral for minimum of USD 150 000 and Up. Rates and Validity of instruments (SBLC/BG/LC): Range Between 3% – 10% per 90 days and per 366 days (1 year 1 day).




Yes, Trade Finance Capital works hand in gloves with Albatross Fund to primarily assist prospective client’s access collateral without collateral.


How Can We Help? Get In Touch With A Consultant




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